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Skin Restoring Ceramides

Is aging skin a concern for you? I started using a ceramide supplement from Life Extension and have to say I LOVE IT! So much so, that this is purely a testimonial, no ad! 

I've been on the supplement for a few months now and have noticed a reduction of lines around my eyes, better hydration and even a little plumping action! 

You can read more about the studies on LE website! 

Handmade Jewelry

You know what's trending now? Jewelry with your mantra or personalized "word" that is there to remind you of all you can be! 

My beautiful Ageless friend, Katia,  handmakes necklaces and bracelets with inspirational words, or even request your personal word, like I did! You're going to want to wear this everyday to both keep you in the right mindset AND open the door for great conversations!

Multi-Colored Sweater

This has to be one of my fave sweaters in my closet this season! With a larger knit, it's perfect for the upcoming spring season, keeping you from getting to over-heated, yet warm enough to spend hours outside! And did I mention the colors? Vibrant, bright and just fun! It looks great loose or even tucked slightly into your pants. Wear with jeans for a casual look or pear with a long straight skirt for dinner out!


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