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Hi, I'm Robynn Lin Fredericks, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist and creator of the Be Ageless for Life protocol.

I've been involved in nutrition since the mid '90s, as many of you have heard my story, and have discovered that the body knows way more about itself, how it works and how to stay balanced than researchers, scientists and even practitioners could ever hope to know! It's crazy to think that as we learn so much more on a daily basis, about the microbiome, those little bugs have known all along how to operate and keep us going! All we need to do is to give the body the right tools!


As new research comes out, we are always finding new techniques, pathways and even new jobs all coinciding with the natural workings of the human body...and I LOVE it! It just proves to me that our body-system is a miraculous creation that works 24/7 to keep us healthy and alive! 

After taking few years off of my nutritional path to learn and pursue film production (for future projects on Being Ageless!), I'm back seeing clients and ready to help you on your journey in creating vibrance, energy, restoration ~ HEALTH...leading to not just longevity, but to enhance and extend your HEALTHSPAN. What is that? It's the length of your life where you're living a healthy life.

The term "AGE" has, in medicine, been defined to mean the breakdown of our body-system, the beginning to the end of a diseased state leading to death. Not very pretty, I know! Holistically, we've always believed that, if given the proper tools, the body does not have to go down that route and become dis-eased just because it's growing older. Now, science and research agrees. We refer to this as our biological age, or the age our body (internally) operates at. And a younger biological age leads to a more enhanced healthspan. 

I like referring to the biological age as AGELESSness as it covers many aspects, not just physical, after all, we are a whole body. To me, AGELESSness can be achieved by putting together many pieces, much like a jigsaw puzzle, to create a beautiful life. And THIS is my niche, my passion on over-drive!

I am committed to forming relationships with my clients and patients, teaching them to take control of their health and becoming their best advocate. To learn how the body speaks and how to communicate with it. To work alongside the body to find balance, so restoration and healing can take place. Together, we look at food patterns, digestion, epigenetic modulation, cell and microbiome health, while really diving into the circadian rhythm of your system. We talk about stress, fitness, supplements, skin and we'll examine labs, if needed. All to treat the WHOLE and bring about a healthier span of continued life! 


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I look forward to knowing you and, together, building a healthier lifestyle with an increased healthspan!