"Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. practice wellness. Play with abandon.


Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is."

Mary Anne Radmacher

I love nothing more than meeting people who are living the ageless life. People who are pursuing passions and not allowing a number to define them! One of those people is my own sister, Tammie (Tami) Fredericks Richie. She's my big sis, and I've looked up to her my entire life, as you read her interview, you'll understand why! Tammie celebrates 58 years of living but is truly living the ageless life and she is undefined by any number!

What does "being ageless" mean to you?

I believe that growing old is inevitable, Aging isn't.  While we can't stop time, we can certainly slows it's impact on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To me, it lies in our determination to learn as much as we can about healthy alternatives and how our choices impact our health, and thus, the quality of our lives. I know I will never be 21 again, nor do I want to try to look like it...but I am determined to be the best 58 I can possibly be. To be the best of me.

Do you have any concerns about getting older & if so, how do you deal with it? 

Sure, I do. I wouldn't be human if I didn't.  In my previous life...I was a charge nurse of a retirement center/nursing home. I experienced vibrant aging and deteriorated aging, and I want vibrant. Having had malignant cancer, that's always in the back of my mind, and that's where I try to leave it!

What would you consider to be your biggest life lesson?

It's not all about me :) haha.  Never stop going...moving, learning, expanding, trying, venturing out, and facing my fears.  When you quit...your body/mind follows suit.

What is your career and when did you begin it? What took you in this direction?

I was, what I call, "A Make a Wish Fairy Godmother" a.k.a.. Wish Grantor.  I granted many wishes creating many last memories for families. At that time, I decided I wanted to help people create memories through-out life, not trying to squeeze them in at the end. So I ventured into the world of Travel. After owning my own Agency for many years, I was hired to start a "Business Coaching" division for one of the largest Travel Companies in N. America. Today, I am a VP with a team of coaches working with assisting hundreds of Agency owners.

With all you have going on, you also have a side business where you seek out the best of the best products and promote them. What drives you to do this and tell us what you've found!

At the age of 49, facing 50, I found myself newly single, in a new city, with no job. I found myself doubting myself and to be quite honest, rather fearful about my future.  I reverted to my medical training but in a different vain...Age Management.  My mother died of ovarian cancer and I had to find out why as it didn't run in our family, and I had been diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 39. I learned about Estrogen Dominance and hormone balance. I remember crying as I discovered the "why"!  It was preventable. My mission today is really three-fold:  1) Help women, or men, realize that life isn't over at 50...heck, it's just beginning!  2) How to "Recapture You"...in other words - Pro-Aging your way.  3) Helping people develop a thriving businesses helping others slow the affects of aging.  Two of my most exciting products:  1) The only trans-dermal HGH Gel on the market! This product acts as a hormone signaler vs. flooding the body with HGH as injections do. The results have been nothing short of amazing.  2) CBD Oil, which has totally gotten rid of my migraine headaches and more. My passion is educating people why these products work, how they work, and how not all products, CBD Oils, are the same!

What does your "self-care" look like?

I wish I was better at this one.  Quality sleep, thank you CBD and Gel...oh, and my sleep spray, we try very hard to limit simple carbs. I did a 10 day metabolism re-set, which focused on no carbs, no dairy, no sugar. Once we made it through the 10 days...we just kept going!  We have a cheat day once/week but you know what...really don't miss the carbs!  Both my husband and I use Bio-identical hormones, The Gel, CBD Oil, and nutritional sprays.  I hate to swallow pills!  lol.   De-stressing:  I have a certified butterfly garden so...dirt therapy!  And...CBD bath bomb soaks!

What do you see for your future as you approach 60+?

I want to continue working and building as long as I can!  I've started a group called "The Savvy Female", and I really want to help women see the potential that lies within and how to bring that forward showing the world what they can do and be. As I said earlier, life doesn't end at 50, 60, or 70...it just looks more beautiful and possible - as do we!  If 50 is the new 30...I'm only 38!  I'm going with that!

RobynnLinFredericks, BeAgeless.life

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